The One About Touching Photoshop

My favorite comment so far in reading stories on Adobe’s new interface has been “no way, that is so photoshopped!” and i kind of have to agree. Looking at the development cycle to date, and the idea that tablets are quickly becoming the new laptop, it really isn’t too far off conceptually. The less likely part of the following link are the three words: team, Adobe, and Microsoft being used in the same sentence. Wow…not that I know of some kind of hateful relationship between the two giants…i am just struggling with displacement of word i expected: Apple.


The One About Room Alive

Very exciting tech demo from Microsoft – room augmentation with interaction with 3d projection mapping with multiple cameras with video game engines that could evolve into full spatial demos with architecture…


The One About 3d Printing From Revit – Massing Models

The following is the fourth video in the Revit to Real series…in this screencast I cover isolating and moving massing models to Makerware and 3d printing on the Rep2.


The One About Painting in the Rift

One of the first “Rift Apps” that evokes a sense of what is to come with visceral design in VR space. Well done Tilt Brush kids!

Visit them here:

And watch their preview (and be amazed) here:


The One About Crescent Bay (AKA – New from Oculus Rift)

Well, the devkit2 is not even out of its box and this just in. Maybe it should be upsetting…come on, i am not even knee deep in working with what we just received in August…but i am thrilled! Keep the new versions coming Oculus – brilliant!!


The One About the Revit and the CNC.

The following tutorial takes a straight forward and simple approach on moving Revit topography to a CNC Router (specifically a ShopBot – which rules) for modeling sites.


The One About Building Site Context in Revit

Descriptive titles rule, they keep my writing to a minimum.  This is the second video on the Revit to Real series – please don’t hesitate to post any questions or concepts about the process!


The One About The Future Computer Monitor for 3d Models

Um yeah, watch the video…then imagine this (inFORM) in high resolution and higher fidelity color.

inFORM – Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.



The One About The Last One on Revit to Rift (Revit to Virtual Reality)

So, there was a series, back in the day, (wow, i like commas, lots), that covered animation for architects and never quite closed out fully with integration of virtual reality to the Oculus Rift.  Well, now it does.  Enjoy!  The process is great fun (comma), and a potential game changer in the way we communicate design.



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