The One About Virtual Noses

Brilliant! Logical! Simple! I will be trying this as a new part of my VR GUI. Well done, excited to see how well it works…

The process is simple, a virtual nose in your field of view to provide a contextual point of reference for motion. Virtual nose, no (or at least less) VR motion sickness.


The One About the Titan

Hardware and software are quickly aligning…the design community will have serious opportunities if we can learn to leverage the emerging set of tools:


The One About the Cloud to VR

Great post from the Revit Kid:!%29

In short, this is covering new rendering tools to view renderings as VR spaces. Very, very cool….


The One About Mud Daubers.

The academic year is back on, and as such the posts should pick back up! A few things on the way from the presentation i gave at AU, and new curriculum pieces to roll out on Revit, simulation, Fusion, Infraworks, and VR. For now, this great piece was pushed to me from Ryan Osborne – great watch/read.


The One About Printing “Fun Size” Slices

Still moving through the Revit to Real lessons, this one slices the model into print-sized (or “fun size” in honor of the BUCKET of Halloween candy in the pantry) pieces for the MakerBot.


The One About the Model Prep

We are still a few years away from 3d printing technology to be as simple as “file, print,” or in the case of Revit “the big ‘R’ and print.” While that day is coming, we shouldn’t be waiting for it, we need to invest time in learning now, so we can remember fondly when we used to wield X-Acto blades and cork backed rulers, had to modify families, and were required to leverage three pieces of software to make a 3d print. A few simple steps will set a BIM model up for a printable .stl file ready for all typical FDM 3d printers. Hmm…come to think of it, the big “R” and 2d printing require more than just a bit of set up as well…so really all, this is simply nothing new. A bit of study, and bit of experimentation, and you will be ready to deploy your BIM models to 3d printers:


The One About Touching Photoshop

My favorite comment so far in reading stories on Adobe’s new interface has been “no way, that is so photoshopped!” and i kind of have to agree. Looking at the development cycle to date, and the idea that tablets are quickly becoming the new laptop, it really isn’t too far off conceptually. The less likely part of the following link are the three words: team, Adobe, and Microsoft being used in the same sentence. Wow…not that I know of some kind of hateful relationship between the two giants…i am just struggling with displacement of word i expected: Apple.


The One About Room Alive

Very exciting tech demo from Microsoft – room augmentation with interaction with 3d projection mapping with multiple cameras with video game engines that could evolve into full spatial demos with architecture…


The One About 3d Printing From Revit – Massing Models

The following is the fourth video in the Revit to Real series…in this screencast I cover isolating and moving massing models to Makerware and 3d printing on the Rep2.



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