The One About Custom Components in Revit

In Revit, the best place to start learning the software (my opinion) is in the creation of custom components.  If you learn modeling with this tool set, you can make/model anything.  Most manuals start with something like:  “Let’s create a structural grid on which we will place your structural columns….”  The problem is, your brain as a designer should not be living in a world of technicalities in the preliminary design phase.  The volume on the right hand side of your brain should be at a 9, while keeping the analytical left at a 1.  Learning the custom component tools will allow you to create massing models, basic forms, and begin resolving the bigger design picture before finalizing grid spacing, wall types, and all the ins and outs of a complex BIM model.

More to come on the Massing tool set, where things can get really cool, soon!



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