The One About Revit Topography

So, Revit topography is kind of weird because in architecture, we are used to dealing directly with a topo line, and not actually a 3d terrain.  The problem is, there are no topo lines on a real site in the real world.  Excavation equipment will, in fact, not trace these lines for you either (I suppose unless you specifically request/design it, and have a client willing to pay to make lots of one foot steps all over their property…which could be cool!?).  A real site is a surface that moves and changes in a more liquid kind of way than one foot steps explain.  Working with individual lines is MUCH more difficult than resolving an overall surface – and this is the approach that Revit topography is going to require you to take.  It is good to let go of the lines!  Liberating actually, and you will be better for it.  The following tutorial will get you up to speed on Revit topography, and just might be your first step in looking at topography lines as what they are – a bi-product of the topography itself.

Revit 2013 update coming soon!



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