The One About – WooHoo!

Having a little party at the ADDG – the video series crossed 25,000 views sometime, well, last week i think…?  Life has been a bit nuts with Olyvia (daughter) and i starting school at the same time.  Funny thing, in preschool she is learning how to color, glue and paint…and at the university, i am teaching coloring, gluing, and painting.  The right kind of symmetry makes me happy.

That said, sometime ago i decided that upon hitting 25,000 views i would actually start marketing this site.  So, if you are new here…good that worked!  Videos get posted about once a week, with life and school taking precedent.  Everything is archived topically on the pages listed above – and as is my philosophy for teaching design technology, BIM is the core modeling method.  Then, the process moves to…well, check the tabs above.  It has been a fun albeit quiet ride thus far.  From here, help me out a bit – i would really like this ride to be not so quiet anymore.  Share the site, post your ideas on where you would like to see digital design technology go, and then we will try and make it happen!  Oh, and see you at AU this year – take my class on structural simulation for architects…will be a good time.

And in closing – WooHoo!



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