The One About the AU Preview – Revit to Force Effect

This November at Autodesk University i will be presenting research that i have been investing quite a bit of time in as of late.  As an architect, i am a bit jealous of some of the tools that engineers have to help with building analysis.  It would seem to me that the size of a structural member, more informed ball park guess, is an incredibly relevant piece of building design information even in the earliest phases of the design process.  As designers, we use three key tools of formative expression:  Space, Enclosure and Structure (Ching, 1979 – and yes, i am old enough to have the first edition of Form Space and Order).  As designers, i think we are comfortable with the explorations of space and enclosure, and that we understand the basics of what a structure can do (it holds up things), but it is rare that designers really engage structural thinking as part of a design process.  Maybe it is math?  Maybe it is the disconnect between analytical and visual thinking?  To be honest, i have no idea…but, i do know that there are major software improvements ready to have a profound effect on how we learn structural design in the academy, how we can visualize structural performance/solutions, and perhaps how we can begin to employ structural thinking as part of design thinking in the architectural studio.  This first video links Revit to Force Effect (available on the iphone/ipad for free) for a predesign evaluation of 2d structural forces.  NOTE:  I am not a structural engineer, and there is a good chance that i butcher both the technical and performance descriptions in the video…for that i apologize.  This is the first pass, i wanted to go ahead and make it available to see what everyone thinks.  I will edit as i refine my understanding of terminology and application!



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