The One About Clouds and Braveheart!

Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom!  Some amazing news from Autodesk – the cloud is now a free part of your student account.  Cloud rendering and simulation tools are both available, unlimited, and FREE to students with an academic account.  As i was doing my usual cruising through the blogosphere, i picked up this nice bit from The RevitKid (great site btw!) regarding the new application/service…just in time for final renderings this semester!  Well done Autodesk!  And, not a bad marketing strategy either.  Once you are used to not waiting for renderings, do you honestly think its possible to go back to 8 hours of waiting per image and signs on computers that say “no touch!!”?  See more at:


The RevitKid



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One response to “The One About Clouds and Braveheart!”

  1. Jeff says :

    Haha… Those “no touch” signs are classic… Do you know how many time I have seen people hold the power button and kill the computer on others?!

    Thanks for the link back!

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