The One About Cloth and Wind

So, back in the day we would spend a few hours/days/weeks trying to find the right way to drape an object with virtual fabric…modeling the folds, layers, and etc. by modifying individual points on a plane.  And really *sarcasm on* it made us much better artists…because spending hours/days/weeks modeling and tweeking points on a modified plane was far more valuable than the iterative nature of actually employing variations on the motion of the cloth that is important to the design *sarcasm off.*  The process in Max is very simple, very fast, and provides results that allow you to worry about the design implications of transparency, fluidity, motion, lightness…and all the items that carry design concept rather than FX.  This is one of the many tools in Max that make me want to yell:  “that’s great…now get the model out of Revit and make it MOVE!”



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    For architects using 3ds Max and anyone else wanting to know more about cloth in 3ds Max

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