The One about One-Off Building

The printing of the one-off (desktop virtual model direct to final digital prototype) of all kinds of things, big and small, is around the corner.  The exciting/interesting/confounding news is that the process is the same as sending full scale as it is to the Makerbot.  The only issue is that there are issues:  How does this impact design thinking?  What does this mean to the construction industry (technology has been historically proven not to destroy jobs, but to create new ones)?  When we get a pile a spaghetti with the Makerbot, what is the full scale equivalent when a print goes wrong…an enormous slump test looking pile of gloop??  Where should this be employed in the world and to what end??  The talk begins with 3rd world thinking, but i am not sure it resolves the potential….  Regardless, it is a topic that is going to be in the forefront of digital design thinking for the next decade:



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