The One About Questions…?

Afternoon everyone!

First, thanks for following/visiting/whatevering the Architect’s Digital Design Guide!  It has been a good opening couple of months – with the video series getting ready to cross over 40,000 views from 130 different countries – top ranking on google’s search engine – and a growing community of those dedicated to moving forward with digital design technology.  Coming up next:

  • Revit to Real!  I will be launching a short series on pushing Revit files to a laser cutter (Universal Laser), 3d printers (MakerBot and Objet), and CnC routers (ShopBot).
  • Relaunching Revit:  A new series to update everything that gets you into Revit – from interface to output.
  • Structural Simulation:  Consolidating and finalizing the online version of my Autodesk University presentation on ForceEffect, Revit, and Robot regarding structural simulation for design thinking.

All that said, i would also like to know what you would like to know.  So – polls!  Please please take a second and provide some feedback on what you would like to see covered in the ADDG.  There are so many things to cover, so little time, and making sure what i think is an important item may be way off the mark (for instance: i am diving into arduino and reflexive building design this spring, but not planning on posting the research for a while – maybe i should be pushing that information out now??).

Let me know what you think…i will steer the ADDG in that direction.




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