The One About Lasers

There are several methods floating around the cloud/web/net for connecting your Revit model to a laser cutter to begin the prototyping process…this method (and our preferred method at HSA) skips the attempt to automate, and uses detail lines to drive the cut paths. After a bit of practice, we are convinced that the detail line tracing method provides better results, with more control, and additional design exploration as opposed to pushing out new line colors from a default elevations, and desperately trying to hide what you don’t want to cut. Trace, copy, design, cut…that’s our motto.  Our process is outlined here:



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2 responses to “The One About Lasers”

  1. Michael Prendergast says :

    Thanks for the tutorial. I appreciate your research into this. I was wondering if you have a method of getting a residential hip roof shape to be laser cut? I haven’t figured out how to get the actual size and shape.

    • davidrbeach says :

      Yeah! This is a tricky one…so, what i typically do for a hip roof:

      In your base 3d view, set a new work plane (top right under the architecture tab) that is created by select “pick a plane” and selecting one of your roof surfaces. Trace the edges of that roof surface of the roof while on the work plane (they should show up precisely on the roof edges) by using the model lines tool with the pick line option. Ok, hope that makes sense…i should build a video. Next, in an elevation view, rotate the model lines flat into a plane view with the rotation tool, and the disjoin box selected (this allows the lines to move independently of work plane they were created in). At that point, you are set…repeat, laser, glue. I would also add that i typically cut a couple of cross supports in section to help hold everything together while gluing. HOPE THAT HELPS!

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