The One About Revit to Real – Part 2

The Bot has been repaired, though as the print quality will show…i did not quite have it dialed in yet at the time of the video (we have it running great! now).  Extrusion printing can be a fickle thing, but the cost of the equipment, the cost of the prints (pennies), and the relation that extrusion printing has to most full scale printing – concrete – make it the best choice for most of our work at HSA.  This video will cover sending the build, generating the GCode, raft settings, and the basics of how the TOM works.  We will post some pictures of the finished project from ARCH 225 once it is completely printed and assembled with lights.  For more on MakerBot, especially the latest and greatest machine, check:

Later this summer we will do a few tutorials on Revit to CNC to broaden the exploration of Revit to Real.



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