The One About Real Meetings with Virtual Reality

The Hammons School of Architecture will be hosting an open forum from 11am to 3pm on Tuesday April 8th in the HSA auditorium (900 North Benton Avenue, Springfield MO, 65802) to showcase and discuss the research, workflow, potential, and a demonstration of Oculus VR’s virtual reality toolset, the Rift.

For more on the Rift:
Virtual Reality has been available for use through the better part of the last two decades.  The application of the technology has not been widely adopted by the design industry due to the complication, cost, and fidelity of the hardware and software to build immersive worlds in a virtual environment.  Oculus VR (recently acquired by Facebook for 2 billion dollars) has been able to improve the capability and accessibility of virtual reality in all aspects of its development and application.  Primarily designed as a hardware and software device for the entertainment industry, Oculus VR’s virtual reality headset, the Rift, has incredible promise as a tool to build immersion throughout the design process.  Through a workflow pipeline developed at the Hammons School of Architecture, the Rift is capable of informing the design process by immediate immersion into a BIM (Building Information Model), or 3d virtual model.  The process can be both iterative and interactive, allowing design decisions to be made based on the visceral experience of exploring ideas in virtual space.  As a communication tool, the Rift opens up opportunities to coordinate, share, and discuss ideas with project stakeholders by conveying designs through high fidelity immersion.  The process of developing an experience in the Rift is possible without excessive technological hurdles, without the need to pre-render animations, and without an intensive financial investment in equipment.

For additional information contact:

David R Beach, AIA

Hammons School of Architecture

Drury University




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