The One About Where Google Earth Went…

I loved Google Earth.  I loved building interactive files and presentations with design proposals.  I loved visiting virtual versions of real sites and grabbing data.  It was all very lovely.  Then, well, it didn’t turn to vaporware, but like most software that is heading to an untimely death, it quit evolving.  Perhaps, this is why:

Now, i really want this to integrate my design proposals.  I really want to be able to seamlessly zoom into and through buildings.  That said, i have a new found piece that i really love – direct integration into a web browser.  No more “take this file and download this thing and then hope that when you double click it launches because if it doesn’t than i am going to have to explain to you how to make it happen and by that time you will already hate me for sending you the file” moments.

Now, nice google kids: give me the tools here to help with design proposals!  Design options!!  Feedback from stakeholders!!!  I want more than what is currently there (both in terms of software and space), i want to be part of making the proposals on what is next (both in terms of software and space).



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