The One About Sections, Perspectives, and Photoshop.

Ok, so i got a bit carried away with my time management on this one. That, and the YouTube gods tell me that all videos should be broken into segments no longer than my average view time (about 5 minutes) to maximize earning potential…but seriously, i feel like if i had to watch 6 vids to get three good tips i would want to pinch a porcupine. That said, it is still a bit of a doozy to watch 34 minutes for the same thing. So…here is a quick tip: 2.00 turning on the section box, 8.50 selection sets, 16.30 edges matter. Cool? Just gave you at least 20 minutes+ of your life back. But you know the rule, ask a prof how to make a cool section perspective from Revit and get a 34 minute answer:

This tutorial set certainly doesn’t take you through everything you need to know to wrap up a great image – and i mucked up a step too: You need to set your image size using the “Size Crop” tool prior to exporting your pdf file from Revit to ensure consistent line weights – make sure you do that.

Other tutorials to reference (absolutely amazing stuff):

Photoshop. Architect:

ARQUI9 Visualisation:



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