The One About Tran-soo-lents.

I started early in practice career with a very good friend, Jennifer W, who loved to combine words (she probably still does, but i am not sure, we don’t get to talk nearly enough!! She also has the best laugh ever…) and my favorite word combo she delivered is also one of my favorite architectural materials. Take something that is transparent, something that is translucent, muck it up with a Midwest accent and you have transoolents. In CG, the appearance of this type of material can be a bit tricky to pull off, especially in trying to slide in a material pattern as well. One of my students found a product – essentially a transparent wood glazing – that we needed to implement in Revit. The following video, which guest stars Meagan E (who is a brilliant student – someone is going to be thrilled when they give her a job opportunity!), was cut directly from out sit down session in trying to figure out the right way to resolve the material in Revit. The video itself is a bit sloppy (i like to call it honest), as it is essentially just the two of us hashing out the right process for her project – but it is one of those “how to” questions that is in demand…so…enjoy and apply!



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