The One About FormIt and Flux and Revit…but not in that order…

Ok, so an extra long title since my last post was April. Seriously, April. That said, i have a ton of new work to start sharing that is going to launch with my Pre-Design Thinking with FormIt class from AU 2017. This class covers sites, context, fabrication, Dynamo, FormIt, a few little bits in Revit, Live…lots of stuffs. Up next will be a series on 3ds Max Live, probably my new best friend once the beta officially lands (so happy!!).

Regardless, great to see everyone at AU (OH!! Your the BIMsider!), and on this first video…the audio is a bit splatty, sorry about that, vid 2 gets better…

The first vid covers, pushing the data to Revit, then to FormIt. Great results, and slick process that we are all in on in the studios of HSA.



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