I am dave.  I will be updating this page…i dunno, sometime, but for now i will post this:

I am an architect and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University.  Specializing in digital design technology, i am an advocate of full digital immersion as part of a traditional design process augmenting workflow to leverage technology to inform the design process, collaborate with clients and communities, and rationalize decision making through an analysis only allowed through the Building Information Modeling process.  At the Hammons School of Architecture i teach in the design studio curriculum 2nd Year experience, the Center for Community Studies working at the urban design scale, and both the introductory and advanced digital design technology courses. 



2 responses to “-dave.”

  1. Cary says :

    Hi Dave,
    I’d like to discuss the possibility of featuring CanBIM (Canada’s BIM Council) on your blog, we’re challenging the same sort of processes in implementing BIM that you mandate over there on the right sidebar.
    Let me know – we’d appreciate the help!



    • davidrbeach says :

      Sure Cary! What specifically would you like me to post? Are there some specific items that you would like for me to cover regarding your mission statement??

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