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The One About Learning Visual Programming.

Dynamo is cool. Seriously though, if you didn’t start out with visual programming in your life, it may take a while to wrap your head around, but it is a key tool that is evolving the way we will work in design. Keep in mind, it may not be necessary to know how to build programs within Dynamo, but you need to know enough about it to be able to run Dynamo scripts developed by others. It is kind of like driving a car…you don’t need to know how to assemble an engine to drive a car, but it is probably a good thing to understand the basics of the operations before getting onto the highway. Also of note, if you think you are going to avoid Dynamo…well…you probably can. In the same way that you could avoid BIM, avoid complex form building, automated routines, the move towards AI, and basically the key futures of the AEC industry. So, learn how to take Dynamo for a spin:



The One About Simulation, FormIt, and a bit of Design Thinking.

So, simulation is not just about tweeking the design you know, but informing the design you should be doing. This video introduces the concept of how to begin generating, and looking at simulation data as part of the predesign process:


The One About PhotoModeling Context in FormIt.

FormIt is pretty brilliant, and has grown like crazy over the last few years. For context modeling, you will need a few simple work arounds, and you will need to learn some simple methods of sourcing material (not unlike using for topography). This video will take you through the basic steps we have been using to trace the footprint of a building, apply a surface and estimates of building height, add an appropriate amount of detail for 3d printing a context model, viewing the model in realtime, and leveraging the adjacent buildings characteristics for your design’s contextual response.


The One About Topography in FormIt

From AU 2017: This video carries the topography model from Flux.IO and Revit into workable geometry in FormIt – marrying the file to a satellite image, adding a material, setting up layers, and preparing the work for additional context.


The One About FormIt and Flux and Revit…but not in that order…

Ok, so an extra long title since my last post was April. Seriously, April. That said, i have a ton of new work to start sharing that is going to launch with my Pre-Design Thinking with FormIt class from AU 2017. This class covers sites, context, fabrication, Dynamo, FormIt, a few little bits in Revit, Live…lots of stuffs. Up next will be a series on 3ds Max Live, probably my new best friend once the beta officially lands (so happy!!).

Regardless, great to see everyone at AU (OH!! Your the BIMsider!), and on this first video…the audio is a bit splatty, sorry about that, vid 2 gets better…

The first vid covers, pushing the data to Revit, then to FormIt. Great results, and slick process that we are all in on in the studios of HSA.


The One About FormIt and Fabrication

The following tutorial covers isolating and exporting files in FormIt for 3d printing. This builds on a simple system to quickly generate both a virtual and physical site context model: