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The One About Putting Swayze in the Corner…

Great little read about the new challenges being presented regarding how we will communicate in VR. Love the issues, and love the honesty in admitting the unknown:



The One About Medium

Released at Oculus Connect 2 yesterday:

Yeah, this is going to change a few things in the work flow. Keep an eye on its evolution.



The One About Forever and a Day

So, it has been a while…sorry about that. I have been working like a crazy on the following for Autodesk:


Fabrication Lessons:

So, i am trying to get back into the swing of regular(ish) postings and thought i would share the following that strongly relates to the preceding:

That includes the following video:
All things considered…i am ready to start scaling up! Time to go build a concrete printer.


The One About WinSun:

My good friend Albert forwarded this story to me from the Washington Post – it is an interesting look at 3d printing with a bit of forward thinking included.

It has been mentioned here before, but it is always worth repeating – this is going to happen fast. Once the numbers and economics begin to truly come online, there will be a financial drive which will far outpace the drive to be an innovator. As such, the innovators and designers need to be in a position to leverage the opportunity to expand our scope and scale to see beyond the initial financial gains.


The One About Virtual Noses

Brilliant! Logical! Simple! I will be trying this as a new part of my VR GUI. Well done, excited to see how well it works…

The process is simple, a virtual nose in your field of view to provide a contextual point of reference for motion. Virtual nose, no (or at least less) VR motion sickness.


The One About the Titan

Hardware and software are quickly aligning…the design community will have serious opportunities if we can learn to leverage the emerging set of tools:


The One About the Cloud to VR

Great post from the Revit Kid:!%29

In short, this is covering new rendering tools to view renderings as VR spaces. Very, very cool….


The One About Mud Daubers.

The academic year is back on, and as such the posts should pick back up! A few things on the way from the presentation i gave at AU, and new curriculum pieces to roll out on Revit, simulation, Fusion, Infraworks, and VR. For now, this great piece was pushed to me from Ryan Osborne – great watch/read.