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The One About the Oculus Rift and Infraworks 360.




The One About The Last One on Revit to Rift (Revit to Virtual Reality)

So, there was a series, back in the day, (wow, i like commas, lots), that covered animation for architects and never quite closed out fully with integration of virtual reality to the Oculus Rift.  Well, now it does.  Enjoy!  The process is great fun (comma), and a potential game changer in the way we communicate design.


The One About Being There, While Not Being There…

I am speaking in two weeks on Revit to Rift at the AGC BIM Conference in St. Louis – so this seemed like an appropriate time to post this news from Singularity Hub:

Not unlike 3d printing (which i am also lecturing on next week – Revit to Real), i think we may be only be seeing the tip of the ice berg through a telescope – not knowing exactly how deep, or even how big this thing could get.


The One About Unity to Everywhere: BIM to VR

OK, so still working through the video series on moving Revit to VR, and this one will be the second to last video, with output to the Rift coming last.  If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands a Developer Kit for the Rift yet, or if you are only working with the free version of Unity, this is where your capabilities will end.  However, what you will see in the final video is that the jump to Virtual Reality from this point in Unity is quite easy (couple of clicks).  So, learn this content, and get a nice level of mastery on how you begin employing Unity in your design and communication process.  Once you have all the necessary hardware and software (Unity and Oculus Rift), you will primed to begin building VR experiences.



The One About BIM to Unity: Learning VR Video 2

Ok, so after the initial launch in Unity, the next step is to begin bringing in your models, and adding detail.  This next video will walk you through the core steps to move Revit to Unity…just one short step away from your BIM model into Virtual Reality from here.