The One About Presentation Elevations

In this clip i walk through the process of moving a basic Revit model into Photoshop to begin the process of creating presentation graphics:



The One About the CNC

Well…it isn’t a perfect world for fabrication from architectural software yet…as noted by the following process. That said, this method will reveal – at least emotionally, where the interconnectivity between the virtual and real can go in an architectural process. The following video grabs contours from SketchUp, turns it into topography in Revit, scales and displaces the geometry in Max, and then stops at the file format (*.stl) needed for most CNC machines.


The One About FormIt and Insight…both in 360.

So…jumping back into things again as i prep and build lessons for Intro to Digital Design. One of the big areas of emphasis for me has always been pre-design building simulation, and FormIt 360, as well as a new product/project Insight 360, are really ramping up the ability to work intuitively with data at the pre-design phase of an architectural process. My quick lesson is here:


The One About Putting Swayze in the Corner…

Great little read about the new challenges being presented regarding how we will communicate in VR. Love the issues, and love the honesty in admitting the unknown:


The One About the Research…

Well…i haven’t been exactly active as of late on posting either here, or on YouTube. There has, however, been a very good reason for that. I have been working directly with Autodesk for the last couple of months developing curriculums on BIM and Fabrication. I will be presenting at:

Autodesk University 2015 on November 30th

I have a full lesson series on: The Design Academy

And will be running a Webinar this Thursday, October 15th at 11a EDT.

Please please, swing by everything and take a look at what’s new.


The One About Medium

Released at Oculus Connect 2 yesterday:

Yeah, this is going to change a few things in the work flow. Keep an eye on its evolution.



The One About Forever and a Day

So, it has been a while…sorry about that. I have been working like a crazy on the following for Autodesk:


Fabrication Lessons:

So, i am trying to get back into the swing of regular(ish) postings and thought i would share the following that strongly relates to the preceding:

That includes the following video:
All things considered…i am ready to start scaling up! Time to go build a concrete printer.


The One About Crabots

New work from three of my favorites: Heatherwick, BIG, Google:

Featuring a hackable office space, and new modes of construction, this should be a very interesting project to follow. Will they out apple apple?


The One About BB-8.

So, while this place usually covers all things architectural and digital…those that know me are also aware of my passion to make things, especially things that blur the lines between virtual and real. One of those items that caught my eye last year was Sphero. Bought one. Love it! Especially as it will evolve from the tool that chases my 5 year old “O” around the house, to the tool that begins to teach her how to write code.

In the latest Star Wars trailer the newest droid is BB-8, and in classic Star Wars fashion the decision was made to make it real and place it in front of the cameras as an actor. To me, the connection to Sphero was just too much, and as it turns out…it was:

In related news, i am going to have to buy another Sphero when it is repackaged with its new extra dome as BB-8. Yes Disney, you may have MORE of my money. I am fine with that. Between now and then…maybe i will just make my own: